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View of Savo Island from Honiara, Solomo

Peacifica supports and advocates for peacebuilding in the South Pacific.

Building and sustaining peaceful societies is a critical challenge that Pacific islanders and Australians can meet together.

Listening better for a peaceful, secure and prosperous Pacific

The Pacific region is the focus of growing international attention. This carries with it risks to the region's stability if international interests overwhelm those of Pacific islanders themselves. ​Peacifica has been engaged by the Whitlam Institute to listen to Pacific islanders to better understand their interests and perspectives. The resulting report brings together views of 150 Fijians, Solomon Islanders and ni-Vanuatu in ways that challenge the international community, and especially Australia. We need to change the way that we work with Pacific islanders, and how we manage our affairs at home. A secure and prosperous Pacific community is in our grasp. 

Pacific Perspectives report cover
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