Researching Pacific islander perspectives on the world

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Peacifica and the Whitlam Institute are undertaking a research project that aims to lay a foundation for deeper long-term dialogue between Australia and the region. We will be listening to a diverse range of people in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and asking questions that allow them to tell us what really matters to them on issues including where they see themselves in the world and how they feel about relationships between their countries and other countries, including Australia.


This work contributes to Peacifica’s wider goals to promote peace through dialogue and deepened mutual understanding. It contributes to the Whitlam Institute’s public policy theme Australia in the World,

which is focused on building long-term mutually respectful relationships between Australia and its partners in the region and beyond.

We are proud to be working with teams of capable researchers from the region - Linda Kenni in Vanuatu, Citizens Constitutional Forum in Fiji and Development Services Exchange in Solomon Islands, and delighted to have Dr Tess Newton Cain as the lead researcher.

The research report will be launched early in 2020. Please contact us with any enquiries.

Solomon Islands program


Peacifica is currently developing its first programs with partner organisations in Solomon Islands. 

Solomon Islands is enjoying relative stability after the crisis of the 1998-2003 Tensions. Concerted action by Solomon Islands people and supported by the institution building work of RAMSI has meant that the country has the chance for a peaceful and prosperous future.

But the way forward is not secure. There continue to be numerous inequalities and unresolved disagreements that in combination with factors like climate change and economic hardship raise the risk that violent conflict could recur. Gender based violence is a persistent problem.

Solomon Islanders remain committed to peace, and to peacebuilding, but they have told Peacifica that they could use some help. That is what we are working on. It is important that this work is done right, and that takes time. 

Concepts currently under development include:

  • implementation of an inclusive context assessment

  • research into the effects of local climate changed migration on peace and security

  • capacity building of local CSOs to build stronger peace awareness into their governance and programs

  • implementation of a Solomon Islands peacebuilding policy bank.