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A gathering of peace makers

After a turbulent year or so it is a pleasure to be able to share some good news. We're having a peace festival!

More accurately, Peacifica has joined with at least 30 other organisations under the banner of Raising Peace to celebrate this year's International Peace Day with a ten day festival from 16-26 September. It's all online and all free.

Across the ten days the festival will cover an extraordinary range of topics: peacebuilding practice in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, peace education, environmental and First Nations issues and so much more.

Every session shares a common aim literally of Raising Peace. Even as we look squarely at the traumas of the world we will nonetheless be searching for the pathways to peace, and how we can all play our part.

We are particularly looking forward to the First Nations Day on 18 September; an extraordinary all-Afghan panel on 22 Sept that dares to imagine a peaceful future for that country; and the final roundtable on Sunday 26 September that will explore the future of the peace movement in Australia.

You can register through Eventbrite here. No matter where you are in the world, you are welcome.

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